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Empowering Services

Empowering Services is a company that was established in 2006.

We have established ourselves as a reliable, ethical and creditable service organization driven to support the community in all aspects of vocational rehab services.

Our company is fueled by passionate professionals with compassionate care.

Get your clients connected with the best job development services in the Valley!

Our staff will listen and support your client employment needs Individual driven quality employment goals.

Customized resume and cover letter to get the interview, personalized interview skills to meet the employee and employer needs.

Our Team

Trusted And Experienced Partners Focused On Your Success

Jennifer  - Owner

BBA - Business Management Eastern Michigan University

MS - Human Resources Eastern Michigan University

Jennifer has more than 20 years experience in Job Development services. Jennifer has assisted individuals in Vocational Rehabilitation in several states as a trusted partner in the VR program. Her experience sets a tone that resonates with the entire Empowering Services Team.

Jennifer is a dedicated leader with outstanding work ethic and true leadership qualities. She knows what employers are looking for in the interview process and ensures her clients are educated on the entire Job development/interview process.

“ I love what I do and I put my all into to each and every client my team and I work with.” 

Janin Jane 

Job​ Coach Phoenix East Valley 

MS - Psychology

University of Phoenix

BS - Human Services Management

University of Phoenix

Janin has several years’ experience in career planning and education. Janin has a unique way of identifying employ ability skills and using those skills to assist individuals with their career goals. Janin specializes in using labor analysis research to assist individuals in their long-term and short-term career goals.

Janin specializes in working with mentally and physically disabled adults and children. Sylvia uses her unique research and communication skills to assist those with disabilities to reach their daily and future career goals. Her experience sources from understanding the client’s background and using this information to help them reach their goals.

Janin  has experience in case management, customer service, and extreme crisis situations. Her knowledgeable background allows for an effective and efficient work ethic.

“I enjoy seeing people reach their career and educational goals. Seeing the client with joy and knowing the client has gainful employment to help build their future is the best part of the job.”

Lawrence Washington Jr.

Job​ Coach Phoenix West Valley 

Graduate - Personal/Professional Development

Landmark Education - Scottsdale, AZ

BS- Human Resource Development

Oakland University - Rochester, MI


Lawrence has more than 10 years’ experience assisting individuals reach their highest potential in career and personal life. Lawrence is extremely passionate about helping others win through individual growth and development.

His purpose is to serve others through motivation, teaching, training, and inspiration. “I believe everyone is born a winner. Everyone is born with a purpose to make an impact on Earth through personal development/growth!”

Lawrence specializes in working with individuals of all ages get back on their feet and finding their career path the discovery of his own personal belief occurred through the diverse opportunities/positions he had been given to serve people of all ages.

We use a unique approach to sourcing clients for jobs as there are specific techniques used to advocate for our clients. Lawrence serves others through motivation, teaching, training, and inspiration.

“My life mission is to help people win in life by discovering and fulfilling their purpose (as they continue to be intentional in developing themselves). This belief is the foundation to my approach in leadership development.

Ralp​h Harris

Job​ Coach Phoenix West Valley 

Ralph has more than 10 years’ experience assisting individuals with disabilities reach their highest potential in career and personal life. Ralph is very proficient with assisting individuals find their place in the working community. Ralph specializes in working with individuals of all ages to help find their career path as well as get back on their feet. Ralph has built very strong relationships in Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert and many parts of West Phoenix. His placement experience comes with getting to know his clients and assessing what their true goals are in life.

We use a unique approach to sourcing clients for jobs as there are specific techniques used to advocate for our clients.

“I absolutely love doing what I do because it excites me to see the joy on my clients faces when they achieve their goals. There is nothing more satisfying than helping individuals attain competitive employment as well as boosting their self esteem”.

Jessica Hall

Job​ Developer Phoenix East Valley 

BBA - Human Resources, University Of Texas

Jessica has an extensive background working with individuals and employment. Jessica has 5 years experience and has made some great partners in the community with job coaching and job seeking for our team. Jessica came from Seattle where she enjoyed her role as a Social Worker.

Jessica has worked with young woman in the community while supporting young mother programs.  

"Working with young mothers is a passion of mine. I enjoy being an active resource to the community while lifting others and their families, there is nothing else I would rather be doing at this point in my life."    

Terrell Maxey

SVP Operations and Care Services 

AS -  Computer Technology - Washtenaw College 

BBA - Business Management - University Of Michigan 

Terrell has more than 10 years’ experience assisting individuals reach their highest potential in career and personal life. Terrell has a unique style to assist individuals find their place in the working community.

Terrell specializes in working with males of all ages get back on their feet and finding their career path. Terrell has built some strong strategic partnerships in the Phoenix area and takes on some of the toughest placements that our agency has. His placement experience comes with getting to know his clients and digging deep into what their true goals are in life.

We use a unique approach to sourcing clients for jobs as there are specific techniques used to advocate for our clients. 

Diamon Woods

Job​ Developer Phoenix West Valley 

Bachelors Degree - Family Studies- University of Arizona 

Masters of Science - Mental Health -  Grand Canyon University 

Diamon received her Bachelors Degree from the University of Arizona in Family Studies and Human Development with a minor in Adolescences, community and education. She also received her Masters Degree from Grand Canyon University in Mental Health and Wellness with an emphasis in Administration. Throughout her professional career she has dedicated more than 8 years working in the West Valley community building relationships while supporting clients in receiving fundamental needs by establishing and creating individualized goals to help clients enhance their total well being. 

Her skills include being able to develop, establish, and execute individualized treatment/life care plans for all of her clients. She specialize in working with all clients ranging from the Infants to elders. She has also had extensive work and done research working with clients with mental health and wellness needs and also clients with physical disabilities as well. She specialize in focusing on the psycho social aspects of clients and being able to collaborate with families, the healthcare team and the community to build strong relationships among everyone. 

Merra Norris

Lead Job​ Developer Phoenix East Valley 

Bachelor of Arts- Portland State University

Masters- Public Health in Global Family and Child Health- University of Arizona 


Meera Norris has over ten years’ experience working with vulnerable populations and case management. She holds a masters in family and child public health from university of Arizona.

Meera has spent the past two years working with veterans in case management and job placement. Meera takes a holistic approach to her client’s needs understanding there are many obstacles for those struggling with barriers to employment.

Meera uses her passion to help others achieve their dreams to motivate her clients to become self-sufficient with a sustainable and effective career track.

Lisa Allen

Job​ Developer  Phoenix North Valley 

BA - Business of Arts

Lisa maintains a clear vision of and a passionate commitment to the organization mission of empowering individuals with disabilities to secure employment . She brings 20 years of clinical case management and social services experience to the position. Prior to joining this company Lisa worked at various not for profits; serving domestic violence victims, persons with serious mental illness and individuals and families experiencing chronic homelessness. Lisa worked hard in Job Development and has been a local resident for over 30 years. 

Erica Hall 

Job​ Coach North Phoenix / Anthem

Erica has been working with both adults and kids with disabilities for over 15 years. Erica has a passion for helping others. Erica has worked with woman shelters and young woman around the valley. Erica background is social work and law. Erica loves working with the community and has made many great contacts to support the work we do at Empowering Services. 

Deshanai Jones 

Job​ Coach Phoenix West Valley/Central 

Deshanai has worked with various individuals with disabilities. She has worked in the filed of mental health for 7 years and has a degree in Social Services. Deshanai brings passion, hard work and dedication to her clients. She is a great motivator and loves to interact with others to build great partnerships for our company. 

Francisca Figueroa 

Job​ Coach Phoenix West Valley

Francisca has been working with individuals with disabilities for 10 years and continues to show her love for her job. Francisca(Frankie) is a driver for results and loves to see others succeed. She is currently working on her degree as a teacher and is excited to teach others.  

Cyrk Kellogg 

Job​ Developer Phoenix West Valley

Cyrk has been working with individuals with disabilities for 15 years and continues to show her love for her job. Cyrk has worked as a Caregiver and as a Lead Med tech. She is detailed and has a special skill of getting folks the right job quickly!! Cyrk currently hold the office record with 10 placements in 1 month. Cyrk loves to work with Job Placement. She feels satisfaction in creating independence in others.  

Christina Joyner 

Lead-Job​ Developer Phoenix West Valley

BA - Education 

Christina has experience working with families and children. Her focus has been early education, but she is excited to transition into adult job recruitment. Christina is currently working on her degree that will transition into a BA in education.

Christina is a motivated individual, hardworking and reliable. Christina enjoys being a helping hand and is eager to develop a relationship with all her clients and support them throughout their journey. Christina has been in her community for 17 years building partnerships with local business with her past career and looks forward to utilizing her resources.

Vanessa Avelar

Job​ Developer Phoenix East Valley

BA - Science /Biology - Arizona State University 

 Vanessa is our Career Developer. She served in the USAF for 8 years and is dedicated to continuing serving others by helping to better their lives. Vanessa is tenacious and works hard to help her clients gain employment. She loves learning about natural ways to stay healthy and being outside in the warm, sunny desert. 

Tommy Guzman 

Job​ Developer - Yuma Arizona 

BA - Social Work- Northern Arizona State University 

 My past experience consists of case management and clinical services for behavioral health members for the past 10 years in Yuma and Imperial Valley. I've had experience working with high needs cases from young children through elderly members in my experience in a variety of different behavioral health agencies. I'm also a 2009 graduate from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Social Work Degree. I am a native born and raised in Brawley, California, but I've been living in Yuma for the past 6 years... I love working with employment and look forward to working with each client I have. 

Maritza Rangel

Job​ Developer - Yuma Arizona 

 Maritza has a passion and a drive to work with people which has landed her into many key roles within the School Districts and Behavioral Health agencies. For the past 10 years she worked with Administers to create and developed a safe environment for students and staff alike to thrive in. She has worked in Human Resources as a HR Specialist here in Yuma, Az. During that time, Maritza has helped many job seekers find the correct job and placement. She took her passion and skills to work at a Behavioral Health agency working more closely with individuals and family units helping them learn and find their own abilities and strengths within themselves. She has created partnerships with other agencies and resources in the Yuma community and surrounding cities. Maritza enjoys servings our local community and building relationships with families and individuals. 

Future Talent

Job​ Developer 


Future Talent

Job​ Developer