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Caregiver Monitoring System

Modern Home Care Technology

Each and every caregiver, at Family First Home Care Of Arizona is personally selected on the basis of having the compassion to care for others in need, having the experience and knowledge of in-home care, having the ability to take initiative, being trustworthy, and most importantly being reliable.

This criteria is developed to maintain the quality of care services that we promise to provide our clients.  Every caregiver is put through a strict hiring process that consists of 10 different steps. On the basis of these test results, the caregivers are carefully evaluated.

After the completion of the interview hiring process, caregivers are provided with agency training. This training will further ensure the caregivers will provide high-quality agency home care services to each and every client.

Taking Care Of Our Seniors 1 At A Time!

Of the many significant forces shaping the United States as a whole none is so inevitable and invisible as the sheer march of time for today’s senior population. In the 1950's less than 10 percent of the country was older than 65. That share will double to 20 percent by 2050. The graying of America will touch everyone in some way in the not so distant future from the changing demographic of the work force to the increased amount of care support that will be needed to assist the nations elderly. In short, aging will affect everything. It is important for seniors and their families, as well as healthcare professionals to become knowledgeable about the options available to help seniors navigate life after 65. One option available to seniors is homecare.

Timely Care

On-time care is one of the most important factors for our agency to provide superior home care services to our clients. This is why we utilize a unique home care system to monitor our caregiver’s ability to be punctual for their shifts. With the use of our telephony home care system, we are able to monitor the time the caregiver arrives and departs our client’s home. This system ensures our clients are always in the know of caregiver arrival time.

In the case of caregiver tardiness concerns, our telephony home care system automatically notifies our agency about the late arrival of our caregivers. As a result, we will manage this concern and send in a replacement caregiver if needed. Apart from that, we also will inform our clients about the caregiver’s delay.

Accurate Invoices

We understand the importance in providing accurate invoices which is why we use this reliable telephony caregiver monitoring system which ensures the invoices will be 100% accurate. 

24/7 Phone Support

At Family First Home Care Of Arizona We take pride in hiring the best caregivers in the industry. We have a 24/7 support line that will ensure the safety of your loved ones are our top priority.