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Celebrating Success 1 Step At A Time

Job Development /Job Placement ​

Our Job Development Services spans across Maricopa county. Our team have extensive backgrounds that allows them to tap many job resources for best in class job placement.  

Job Coaching/ Job​ Training 

Our team will work close to all member coaching them along on how today's interviews are conducted. We also coach on how to dress to impress to land that ideal job. 

Community Resource Training

Our team will be able to assist all members to ensure all community resources are taken care of. SSA, food services, apartments, transportation, etc..

Computer Training​

In today's technical world, the use of a computer or computer device is essential to all workers. These systems can be very tactical if you don't have the proper skills to take them head on. We have a elite staff that can assist and get members ready to all technical task in the work place. 

The Do's and Don't of today's workplace

1980's was a different work environment and came with its own challenges. Today's work environment also comes with its own challenges. Our team has experience to train all our members on the days workplace challenges and to prepare members for long term work and the strategic environments that comes with it. 

Education Support

We are partnered with several community based educators and counselors that we work with that can help support with higher educations goals and services. 

Creating Jobs For All

As the job market improves and unemployment keeps falling, more people are finding work for the first time or getting back to work after long bouts of unemployment. That includes, in particular, people with disabilities. We see more team members with disabilities being welcomed into the workforce at a growing rate. Our team specializes in supportive employment and building the needed skills for today's job market. 

We support the Vocational Rehab program with contracted services for the following:

  • Job Development/Job Placement
  • TWE- Trial Work Experience
  • WAT - Work Adjustment Training
  • Clerical Technology Job Training

A Few Trusted Partners We Work With 

We work with great AZ companies of all types to ensure our members are in a great and fulfilling environment.